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Residency Programs in Jingdezhen

September 28, 2018

If you are interested in doing a residency in the world's porcelain capital. You are in the right place. I visited all four residency programs in Jingdezhen while I was there this August for my residency. I am going to share what I got with all of you who are interested. 


Currently, there are four residency programs in Jingdezhen


Jingdezhen International Studio


This is a fairly new program funded by the local government. There are two studios. Both studios have their own gas kilns.


Studio one located in a commercial district called Taoxichuan Ceramic Avenue. Brand new facility with 8 shared public workstations and a lounge on the second floor.


Studio two located in an old factory called 740. There are 4 private studio spaces in this facility.



The Pottery Workshop


This is the most well known residency program for a lot of artists in America. It is located inside the famous sculpture factory. There are no gas kiln in this facility because people use public kilns inside the sculpture factory. They recently renovated their cafe/mini bar.





Sanbao Studio


Founded by Jackson Lee back in the 90s. This traditional looking place is located in the mountains. It is a great place for people who does wood firing because it is the only residency that has a functioning wood kiln. 





Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute(JCI) International Research Residency


This is also a fairly new program. Located inside the JCI new campus. This facility has 8 shared public workstations. 






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